Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope - Black cable black handle

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Our Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope is a free-spinning, easy grip skipping rope for athletes looking for the ultimate high-speed performance product. The ergonomic design offers speed, comfort, control and grip, while the anti-coil cable is easily length-adjustable.

The advantages of training with a good jump rope are numerous; regular training does wonders for your coordination, balance and overall fitness. Quality jump ropes are few and far between, yet our Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope is the ultimate option when it comes to quality and performance. The Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope is a free-spinning, easy grip skipping rope, perfect for athletes looking for a high-speed performance product, and perfect for speed skipping, double-unders, even triple-unders. They feature ergonomically designed handles (120mm long) which are aluminium covered in a comfortable foam; these are made specifically for speed, comfort, control and grip. The speedy nature is further boosted by the inclusion of a dual bearing handle, which makes it spin super smoothly. Where many jump ropes succumb to kinking and coiling, this jump rope fixes that problem with the inclusion of a vinyl-coated, anti-coil cable. The thumb screws at each end of the cable allows you to easily and quickly adjust the length to suit your specific needs.