Massage Stick

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The Massage Stick acts like a massage therapist, targeting affected areas with precision for faster recovery. It has a five-track roller, is aptly flexible and will contour around muscles while still sinking into the soft tissue. It's lightweight, portable and very durable.

Using the Massage Stick roller, which acts like your own personal massage therapist, is the perfect tool for muscle ache recovery, targeting affected areas with precision and with the relative amount of force necessary for faster recovery. It offers little, but apt flexibility and its innovative design allows you to get that much-needed contour around muscles while still sinking into the soft tissue. By facilitating both superficial and deep-tissue mobilization, you receive a genuine massage experience. It prompts trigger point release and, additionally, it can also improve your range of motion and flexibility, as well as increases blood flow and circulation in targeted areas. Our Massage Stick is lightweight, portable (only 420mm long) and very durable. It is constructed of a tough steel shaft which is enclosed by a PVC tube. The plastic cogs act like the fingers of a strong masseuse, while the handles offer a firm grip. By tightening or loosening the handles (pulling/pushing them outwards/inwards) you can self-adjust the resistance the cogs offer. The Massage Stick is a five-track roller (i.e. five cogs) which can be used by all athletes, health professionals and individuals for perfect mobility and recovery, during warm-ups, cool downs and pain relief.