REBEL Gymnastic Grips - Black Suede Leather 2.0

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Our REBEL Gymnastics Grips 2.0 feature a new and improved design. We have cut away the width of the grips by the finger holes providing a more comfortable feel. The strap has been redesigned with a stronger synthetic webbing and a longer velcro strap, ensuring durability and tight fit. Sizing has been improved and now offers a sizing range from XS-XL (please make use of sizing chart below). Use our REBEL Gymnastic Grips 2.0 to protect your hands from rips and tears during high intensity training workouts.

Our REBEL Gymnastics Grips 2.0 offer a great alternative to expensive athletic tape for safeguarding your hands from rips and tears during many training workouts, like pull-ups, kettlebell swings, dumbbell swings, toes-to-bar and muscle-ups.

High intensity workouts can take a damaging toll on your hands and our REBEL Gymnastics Grips 2.0 have been specially designed to protect your hands from ripping and forming nasty calluses that can derail your training program. By keeping your hands safe from injury, you get more time to focus on training.

Made from a high-quality suede leather, the design allows these grips to move with the reflexes of your wrist, providing a comfortable fit during palm punishing movements. The improved finger hole design provides a more comfortable feel between the fingers. The suede leather gives you the perfect grip, eliminating slipping during use, and allowing you to push harder without worry of rips and tears. They are easy to use and feature an adjustable hook and loop strap, fitting around your wrist as you want and ready to go in seconds.

The sizing of the grips has been improved to fit a broader range of athletes, please make use of the sizing chart below to ensure the right fit. Measurements are based on the size of your palm, from the base of your palm to where your index finger starts. If you fall within or equal the “fits up to” measurement you will use the corresponding size. (E.g. If your palm measurement is 95mm, you will select medium size grip) Choose from one of five sizes:



Fits up to