Our Story

Since launching in 2008, Rebel Elite Fitness CC has become one of Africa’s leading suppliers of functional fitness equipment, gear, and accessories.

We started out by supplying basic essentials to the health and fitness community. We soon realised that there was a high demand for more than just the basic essentials and our business soon boomed. Since then, Rebel Fitness CC has evolved to become one of the leading functional fitness equipment and gear supplier to South Africa and to many other countries in Africa.

Rebel Elite Fitness CC is also the preferred reseller and official distributor for Concept2. We also offer a select range from leading global fitness brands including Reebok, uvex cycling, Nutritech, Go Primal, Bear Komplex, and Pig & Hen.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal and friendly service, while supplying robust and quality equipment and gear that is priced to meet the needs of all budgets. We have equipment that will exceed your expectations, whether you are in a garage gym, CrossFit box, functional fitness facility, strength and conditioning gym, or competition arena.