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Using a Treadmill for Speed Training

The Hamster Wheel - Normally I do my track or speedwork on a grass field because the nearest tartan... read more

Concept2 and Zwift

One of the least affected sporting disciplines during the lockdown restrictions was cycling. The development and proliferation of online... read more

Choosing a coach

Sports coaching is no longer the preserve of school and professional sports. Most recreational or aspiring age-group competitors in... read more

Virtual Bike Racing

The first thing a coach or personal trainer does when starting with a new athlete or client is establish... read more

Training Alone

‘Total Lockdown’, another strange new term that we are all learning in 2020. We thought that the most significant... read more

Summer Indoor Training

Summer in South Africa is in full swing, but the holidays are over and, for most of us, we... read more

Goal Setting and Planning

Everyone has read the T-shirt slogan, “A goal is a dream with a plan.” January is generally the time... read more



  • Rebel Aluminium Technique Barbell

    The Rebel aluminium technique barbell is perfectly suited to teaching the fundamental movement patterns for Olympic style weightlifting, without a heavy load.
    Total weight8kg
    Total Length1850mm
    Load limit80kg
    Shaft materialBrushed aluminium
    Shaft diameter28mm
    SleevesChromed aluminum

  • Rebel WoD Barbell 2.1

    The Rebel WoD Barbell 2.1 is the perfect weightlifting barbell for the athlete seeking reliable quality, durability, and performance. The barbell of choice for the hard-working environments of home…

  • Rebel WoD Barbell 2.0

    The Rebel WoD Barbell 2.0 is the perfect weightlifting barbell for the athlete seeking reliable quality, durability, and performance. The barbell of choice for the hard-working environments of home…


Weight Plates

  • Rebel Colour Edge Bumper Weight Plates

    The Rebel Retro looking Colour Edge Bumper Plates are a combination of exceptional price and durability. Designed to stand up to daily abuse, the heavy-duty, high-quality rubber is perfect…

  • Rebel Black Rubber Bumper Weight Plates

    The Rebel Black Rubber Bumper Plates are durable and affordable bumper plates available in weight variances of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg. Designed to stand up to daily…

  • Calibrated Steel Plates

    The brand new REBEL calibrated cast-iron plates are machine calibrated for precision and perfectly suited to the serious weightlifter or powerlifter. Each disc is cut thin to allow for…


Barbell collars

  • Rebel Olympic Weightlifting Spring Collar Set

    Spring Collars safely hold Olympic bumper plates in place on an Olympic bar. Our Olympic Spring Collars with Comfort Grip are cost effective, feature a newly added comfort grip…

  • Rebel Bear Grip Barbel Collar Set

    The REBEL Bear Grip Olympic Bar collar, designed in South Africa, combines the cost effectiveness & durability of a spring collar with the quick locking mechanism of a lock-jaw.

  • Rebel Olympic Competition Collar Set

    The Rebel Olympic competion collar is a 2.5kg collar made of solid steel and offers maximum integrity and a flawless surface that features a two-piece, easy-to-adjust ball lever mechanism…


Weight training belts

  • Rebel Leather Powerlifting Belt

    The Rebel Powerlifting belt is a high quality leather powerlifting belt aimed at those who want a distinctive product which provides the ultimate support, stability and performance.

  • R2500 Gift Card

    Give the gift of fitness with a REBEL Gift Card worth R2500. Simply add the gift card to your cart as you would any other product and then check…

  • Bear KompleX Customizable Patch Belt

    The Bear KompleX Customizable Patch Belt is a Velcro and buckle roller adjustable weight lifting belt. The belt measures 12,5cm in width, tapering down to 10cm, with a 7,5cm…


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