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The Latest Training Tips and Articles
Strava segments good or bad are designated stretches of road or cycling routes

Strava Segments – Good or Bad?

I must admit that I was a slow adopter of Strava. At first I saw it as just another... read more

Rebel Running threshold test

Running – Threshold Test

Most of us use a heart rate monitor to control our training output and to ensure we are making... read more

Rebel Elite Fitness on motivation

On Motivation

"Motivation is not a tank that needs to be filled. It is a fuel that needs to be ignited." We... read more

Rebel Elite Fitness Lady Swimming

Do you even backstroke bru?

Apologies for the 'gym vernacular' but I think it fits here. As triathletes we focus on freestyle or front-crawl... read more

Rebel Elite Fitness Cycling in a bunch

Cycling survival in a bunch

Even if we hadn’t all been forced to ride our bikes on the spot as we have in 2020,... read more

Using a Treadmill for Speed Training

The Hamster Wheel - Normally I do my track or speedwork on a grass field because the nearest tartan... read more

Rebel Elite Fitness Dealing with illness

Dealing with Illness

"Coach I'm sick!" Never words I like to read but the law of averages dictates that we will, inevitably... read more

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