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The Olympics

The Olympics. For many sports the pinnacle of achievement, with many athletes aspiring and working their whole careers just... read more

Impactful Drills for Swimming Training | The Rhythm Drill

In the last in our series of swim drills we are going to talk about the most all-encompassing of... read more

A 2021 Crossfitters Guide to the Tour de France

Cycling and CrossFit could not be more different as far as sports go. As are the athletes that take... read more

Impactful Drills for Swimming Training | 616 & 636

Of the three disciplines in triathlon, the swim is the most technical and difficult to master for those starting... read more

Planning your Triathlon Training

Planning our training for a season is like looking at a picture on our computer. At first, we look... read more

Impactful Drills for Swimming Training | UNCO

Of the three disciplines in Triathlon, the swim is by far the most technical. Because water is so much... read more

Strava segments good or bad are designated stretches of road or cycling routes

Strava Segments – Good or Bad?

I must admit that I was a slow adopter of Strava. At first I saw it as just another... read more

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