REBEL NBR Exercise Mat 90cm


The REBEL NBR Exercise Mat is a quality multi-purpose fitness mat which provides a durable and lightweight work space allowing you to perform workouts and stretches on a soft, clean and functional surface. The REBEL NBR Exercise Mat is perfectly suited for individuals training at home, boot camps, yoga, pilates, and functional fitness facilities. The non-slip design ensures total comfort and safety during workouts and the mat can be rolled up into a compact and portable training solution.


  • Dimensions are 900mm long, 600mm wide and 15mm thick.
  • Comes with a strap and carry system, making it very handy for anyone on the move.
  • Includes round inserts allowing the mat to hang from a wall, ensuring compact and neat storage.
  • The top side of the mat is ribbed, while the bottom side is smooth for additional grip.
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