Kettlebell Series Part 3: How to do a kettlebell swing

Kettlebell Series Part 3: How to do a kettlebell swing

As you know the kettlebell is a fantastic exercise tool and the kettlebell swing is great for developing serious power. It combines strength training and cardiovascular conditioning into a single powerful movement. This is the third article in our three part series exploring Kettlebells, Kettlebell training and the benefits of this simple but potent piece of training equipment. 

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The American Swing and the Russian Swing vary slightly but they are both excellent movements using the kettlebell.  The American Kettlebell swing is where the athlete performs a swing with the kettlebell. The kettlebell is held with both hands and straight arms and the swing starts with the kettlebell between the athletes legs. The movement ends where the bell goes overhead, with the athlete’s arms straight and the bottom of the bell pointing straight towards the ceiling. In the Russian Kettlebell swing, the athlete performs the same swing movement but the bell finishes at eye level instead of overhead.

Using the Correct Kettlebells and Equipment

The world of kettlebells can be overwhelming with dozens of different makes and sizes. Training with kettlebells doesn’t mean purchasing every type and weight but investing in a range of quality weights to suit your requirements. 

The REBEL XF Kettlebells are premium kettlebells with unrivalled quality. They are designed for high use and offer great balance, durability and the best possible grip with their full matte finish, and stylish, ergonomic and colour-coded horns (handles). They come in a range of weights from 4kg all the way up to 44kg. 

Our REF Steel Competition Kettlebells are a premium competition kettlebell designed as an essential piece of gym equipment for functional fitness facilities and home gyms.

Our REF Steel Competition Kettlebells are available in weight ranges from 8kg to 32kg. They vary from classic iron cast kettlebells in that they are made from high-quality steel, which is more durable, and all are the same size and dimensions, regardless of weight. The design of the REF Competition Kettlebell allows it to always rest on the same place on your forearm and they are evenly balanced for precision kettlebell training. The slimmer handles are also more ergonomic and offer a superior grip.

These sturdy weights won’t leave a dent in your pocket but they do need mats in order to not leave a dent in the floor. If you are a bit of a nomad and like to exercise in different spaces, the REBEL NBR Exercise Mat is a quality multi-purpose fitness mat which provides a durable and lightweight workspace allowing you to perform workouts on a soft, clean and functional surface. Wanting something a bit more permanent, REBEL Rubber Gym Flooring is a premium gym flooring solution for any size fitness facility or home gym, protecting your body, floor and equipment from dropping weights whilst reducing overall noise levels. The recycled rubber offers a favourable grip, is highly durable, can be cut to fit and are easy to move and clean.

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