Five Reasons Why You Should Use Dumbbells for Strength and Conditioning Training

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Dumbbells for Strength and Conditioning Training

The dumbbell is an uncomplicated and versatile piece of gym equipment. Although simple in its design, it is ideal for training various parts of the body in many different environments. From commercial gyms to your garage at home, the humble dumbbell is well-suited to the individual training needs of stay-at-home moms right through to competitive bodybuilders.

The dumbbell’s versatility is unrivalled by almost any other piece of exercise equipment and when using them, there are many benefits.

Less Time, More Fitness

In today’s fast-paced environment, dumbbells offer time-efficient workouts. They help decrease time spent exercising as they are simple to use, require little to no set-up time and the use of them is not limited to a particular and specific location such as a gym; they can be used at home or even on holiday.

Balance is Key

Using dumbbells, whilst exercising, will improve your coordination and balance as you move from one varied exercise to the next. This ensures that each side of your body carries equal weight and if there are any existing muscle imbalances, using different-sized dumbbells on either side will help correct this. Dumbbells are excellent when training unilaterally and they provide good resistance when performing exercises in isolation to target specific muscle groups. They can also be used for movement sequences that involve different motion plains, like that of the walking lunge, using numerous muscle groups at the same time.

Burn More Calories in Less Time

Depending on your intended focus, dumbbells make for great training partners as they aid in weight loss and help increase muscle mass. They are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. So if you want to burn more calories or get better at moving heavier loads at your next fitness event, then grab a heavy dumbbell or two.

The Widest Weight Range of Hex Dumbbells in SA

The REBEL Elite Fitness range of hexagonal dumbbells comes in twenty-five different weight ranges from 1kg all the way up to 65kg. This means you can tailor make your workouts to fit your specific needs, and as you improve over time, you can invest in a wider and heavier pair of dumbbells. Our dumbbells are simple and functional by design and if taken care of, will last for decades.

Why the Dumbbell is so Versatile?

The dumbbell, specifically the REBEL Rubber Hexagon Dumbbell, is an ideal workout tool for many reasons. Due to its unique shape, it offers more stability and can easily be used in a range of different exercises from traditional bicep curls and pressing movements to thrusters and variations of Olympic-style weightlifting movements such as the clean and jerk or snatch. They can even be used for gymnastic and calisthenic training as a solid base for movements such as l-sits, handstand progressions and handstand push-ups. Their flat, geometric edges mean that they will not roll around on the floor and get under your feet when transitioning swiftly between movements in a workout or when being stored away. Their contoured and knurled handles allow for a more comfortable and secure grip, making them easier to hold onto during workouts.

No matter what your goals may be in your fitness journey, the dumbbell should definitely be one of your go-to training tools.

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