Foam Rolling – Getting the most from every ooh and ahh

Foam Rolling – Getting the most from every ooh and ahh

It’s common to experience sore muscles for a day or two after working out, whether you’ve just started a new exercise program, are returning to exercise after a break, or simply pushing yourself during your workouts. If you want to ease these achy muscles, a foam roller could be your new best friend!

How Do Foam Rollers Work?

Foam rollers work by massaging the tightness in muscles. The roller applies pressure to the muscles and tissue, assisting in the manipulation and breaking up of knots, stiffness, and tension. Common areas of the body to foam roll include your calves, hamstrings, quads, traps, and lats.

 5 Benefits of Foam Rolling

Eases muscle pain

Foam rolling can ease stiffness and make your body more supple before a workout. It aids in enhancing your mobility by extending the range of motion in the muscles surrounding the joints.

Increases blood flow

You can help increase blood flow to tissues by using a foam roller. Increasing blood flow improves the delivery of vital nutrients, allowing you to function and recover more effectively.

Reduces risk of injury

The friction generated by rolling over tissue creates heat that warms up muscles. Warm tissue/muscles are more pliable and less likely to lead to injury.

Helps you relax

Studies have also found psychological benefits to foam rolling. By breaking up the tightness in your muscles you may experience feelings of relaxation, tension and stress relief.

It’s convenient

A foam roller can usually be found for a reasonable price almost anywhere. It’s very convenient because you can foam roll anywhere be it at the gym after a workout, or in the comfort of your living room.

How to choose a foam roller?

There are 2 main types of foam rollers, each with its own benefits.

Smooth foam rollers

The REBEL Fitness Foam Rollers are cylindrical in shape and constructed from dense foam. As they are smooth in their texture, they provide less intense and even pressure on muscles and target trigger points helping with the release of tension on stiff muscles.

Textured foam rollers

The bumps and ridges on REBEL’s Grid Rumble Rollers and Grid Foam Roller rollers provide a more precise and targeted pressure to help with a more aggressive approach to working those knots and tight spots.

Tips For Using Foam Rollers

  • Try to roll as regularly as possible and stick to rolling your muscles, rather than the ligaments.
  • If rolling in a specific area causes pain, go slowly. You can do this by releasing some of your weight from the roller or by focusing on the surrounding tissue instead.

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